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Young People Activities & Projects 


Music is a powerful tool for communication, self-expression, and bringing people together. Unfortunately, for many young people, access to music tuition and opportunities to play with others are limited. In our local community, we have identified a need for a safe and exciting space where young people can come together to make and enjoy music. The proposed music youth club aims to provide just that and offer a range of benefits for our young  people.

The music club is for age 10-16 year olds and 10-15 young people per session with the purpose of creating a performance piece together to be showcased when finished. Once the young club members have completed their first 8 weeks, we will showcase their development after 12 weeks then at 24 weeks. A final show will follow which, would ideally would be held at a larger venue, opened up to a wider audience. 

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The youth empowerment , mentoring and coaching programs for young people ages 10-18 year olds is designed to provide guidance, support and skills development that empowers young individuals in various aspects of there lives. Through a combination  of mentoring and coaching weekly sessions, participants will gain necessary tools, knowledge, and confidence to overcome challenges, set and achieve goals, and reach their full potential.

through our 10 program sessions , some examples:  1. introduction and goals setting mentor / coach will work with them to set individual goals and establish a foundation for mentors/ coach relationship. 2 Self Exploration and Self Assessment activities to identify their strengths, interests and values to better understand themselves. 3 Build Confidence and Self belief support to over come self -limiting beliefs, 4. Emotional Intelligence and Resilience session that focus on developing emotional intelligence regulation techniques and building resilience to handle life's challenges. 5 Effective communication and interpersonal skills, 6 goal planing and Action Steps, 7 Decision making and Problem -Solving, 8 Leadership and Teamwork Development, 9 Career Exploration and Planning, 10 personal well-being and Self Care. 



Empowering Youth community organisier  with citizens UK Birmingham this is the first time nationally we have brought this activity development to young people age 12-18 years old. Develop leadership skills to effectively organsier and initiate positive change within their community creating a fostering community engagement where young people are encouraged to actively engage with there local communities through regular training and workshops with senior leader and training of Citizens Uk Birmingham and promoting social action and recognise their potential to create significant impact and motivate them to take action through youth community organising. becoming an youth community organsier enables our young participants to effectively convey their ideas, and engage diverse stakeholders. It also encourages innovative thinking and problem solving abilities among young community organisier  enabling them to find creative solutions to community challenges 



Monday evening chess club is a vibrant and engaging youth and young people aged 10-16 dedicated to promoting the game of chess to young people. The club provides, a welcome and supportive environment where young players, range from beginners to advanced to learn, come together to learn, practice, and compete in the game of chess, The club meets once a week for 2 hours after school hours at the blesst centre. with chess boards and clocks. The atmosphere is filled with enthusiasm, intellectual, stimulation, and friendly competition with a skilled coach and experienced players are present to guide mentor and inspire young chess enthusiasts.The young people chess club offers a rich and dynamic environment for young people to learn, grow and excel in the game of chess Through intellectual, social, and character development the club equips its members with valuable skills that extend far beyond the chessboard, empowering young people to succeed in various facets of life.  



The basketball camp is to provide young participants with opportunities to develop and enhance their basketball skills. This physical activity program focuses on the fundamental skills, such as dribbling, shooting, passing, and defence, as well as more advanced techniques and strategies. Teamwork and collaboration the basketball camp helps young people foster a sense of teamwork and collaboration going through drills, team exercises, and friendly competitions young players will learn the importance of working together, communicating effectively, and supporting their teammates.The basketball aims to promote physical fitness in an active lifestyle among young people. by engaging in regular basketball training sessions, drills and games, young participants will improve their cardiovascular endurance, strength, agility, and overall physical well -being. it also boost young people self confidents  and self esteem, sportsmanship through respecting each other, while making new friendships by given the opportunity to learn and support one another. 

The Basketball Camp offers an enjoyable and engaging experience for young participants to experience the thrill of improvement and accomplishment, creating lasting memories.   


BLESST YOUNG PEOPLE CREATIVE WITH                               MEDIA /FILM 

Our creative with Media & Film give young people age 10-18 to change negative narratives by using media and film to empower young people by given them a voice and a platform to express themselves. it helps young people build there confidence and self esteem specially has we have moved in to Digital society in communications. we sue our media and film activities and programs as an educational tool to rise awareness, learning  and evaluation around various social, cultural, and environmental issues  it can provided young participants with valuable knowledge and promotes there critical thinking while exposing young people to different cultures, traditions and perspectives  from around there communities and the world. it also raises young people aspirations by inspiring them, to showcase stories, of changes and success, resilience, and achievements that can motive young people to pursue their dreams and aspirations working with film and media also gvie our young people the potential to address important social   such as bullying, discrimination, mental health, community, environmental sustainability and most of all young people been heard in the digital world. 

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