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Self Creative Exploration Youth Development 8 week Project 

BLESST continues to development its youth leaders by give them the tools to project lead and deliver our 8 weeks Youth development program please watch the video and see our BLESST Young Leaders in action on the BLESST youth project. doing collaborative project for the VRU with Aspire&Succeed, Epiphany People, and Legacy WM, helping support young people at crisis or at risk  during the Covid 19- lockdown for 4 weeks. 


Blesst Creative Exploration Youth Development 8-week programme was created by Richard Campbell, with support from Blesst project leaders Caprice and Rami developed from Dr Glynn research in criminology while adapting a framework of the eight keys of Gisela  (1973 and Karen Pittman (1991) identified critical elements essential to the health development of young people older youth that can benefit from some or all of our programme elements of self transitions though music and media activities 


(Using the five steps of the experiential learning model  1. Experience 2. Share 3. Process . 4 Generalise  5. Apply


week 1 Youth feel Physical and Emotionally safe

week 2 Youth experience belonging and ownership

week 3 Youth develop self-worth

week 4 Youth discover self and leadership

week 5 Youth develop quality relationships with peers and adults

week 6 Youth discuss conflicting values and form their own fear, shame or guilt

week 7 Youth feel the pride and accountability that comes with mastery

week 8 Youth expand their capacity to enjoy life and know that success is possible

Please watch one of our Self Exploration Youth Development Program videos thats helping support our young people gain a sense of purpose and empowerment. 

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