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BLESST Centre Building Community Relationships and Research 

Aston University and Villa foundation Villa Vision project community engagement with Citizens UK Birmingham and community organisations listening campaign. 

The aim of the project was to engage with communities in local wards to try to understand their needs around access to health screening, generate relevant research projects to develop a local impact in the future, and enable communities to inform the health department such as the villa vision project of ways of addresses their needs while looking to develop routes to communicate for future engagement. BLESST saw this as an important part to support our community relationships and community learning with others and research where we share and learn from each other through participation on a leveled ground of meaningful engagement.  BLESST further supported the campaign by engagement in helping to create and capture so key themes from the community in this shorty fIlm Documentary. Thank you to Citizens UK Birmingham and Aston University and the Villa foundation for listening to your community. 

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